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About fostering

Payments for being a foster carer are increasing

Following a consultation we are increasing our funding for foster carers in line with other local foster care providers.

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About Fostering

Few challenges are as rewarding as fostering. It offers the best chance of security and holds the key to a child’s future, wellbeing and happiness.

Families who foster can provide a secure and loving family life and help turn a looked after child’s potential into reality. Foster carers across Rotherham and beyond are discovering the rich rewards and personal satisfaction that comes with being the difference in a child or young person’s life.

You and your family could be the difference. We value diversity in backgrounds and life experiences. So whether you are married, single, in a same sex relationship, are disabled, have children or not, own/ rent your home or are retired, the door at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is open to discuss your enquiry.

Your caring qualities and skills are an important feature in fostering. If you genuinely like and enjoy spending time with children, are open, honest and committed and have a good sense of humour, then you are already part way there.

Fostering is about ordinary people like you who do extraordinary things. It can transform your life as well as a child’s and make a real difference to both your futures. Fostering is fun, fulfilling and hugely rewarding.

It can also be exhausting and frustrating, but most foster carers say it’s the most satisfying and worthwhile job they’ve ever done. People who foster children for Rotherham come from all walks of life and all adult age groups. Above all we want Rotherham families to look after Rotherham children.

Could you foster

Find out what we look for in a foster carer.

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Types of care

There are various types of foster care that you can take part in.

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Why foster with us

Find out more about us and see what our main priorities and achievements are.

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Specialist foster carers

We need specialsist foster carers to look after young people.

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Are you looking after someone else's child?

If you have been looking after someone else's child for more than 28 days then you may have entered into a private fostering agreement.

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Fostering Stories

See how foster carers in Rotherham have made a positive difference to children's lives.

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