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Therapeutic services

The aim of the Team is to enhance the services offered to Looked After and Adopted Children from Rotherham. We strive to strengthen the stability and experience of placements and adoptions, support the emotional wellbeing of young people in care and promote a greater awareness across Rotherham of the attachment and therapeutic needs of Looked After and Adopted Children.

  • Advice and training in understanding and managing looked after and adopted children’s emotions, behaviours, and particularly in regards to their attachment needs.
  • Advice and support where concerns exist about a looked after and adopted child’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing, offering ideas on everyday therapeutic parenting and care.
  • An assessment of post adoption support needs when requested or required.
  • Access to support groups for adoptive parents and foster carers.
  • Access for carers, parents and colleagues to CAMHS, parenting programmes or direct therapeutic work with children and young people (theraplay, art therapy, family and psychological interventions).
  • A telephone service offering consultation, advice and brief interventions. An e-mail address that can be used to contact the team.
  • Guidance and resources for carers, parents and colleagues to use in their delivery of therapeutic care, parenting and support to looked after and adopted children and young people.

The team is led by a clinical psychologist, and supported by Therapeutic Intervention workers and support assistants.

The team also has access to Trainee Clinical Psychologists, Art Therapy Students, and Student Social Workers.

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