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Post-Special Guardianship Order Support Service

Post-Special Guardianship Order Support Service

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s Post Special Guardianship Order Service provides support, advice and assistance for children and families who need help with matters around Special Guardianship Orders.

What support is available?

Special Guardians and their families are entitled to an assessment of need and may be able to access a range of support services including:

  • The support of a qualified and experienced social worker
  • Education: advice and support in addressing problems at school
  • Contact issues
    • Support with contact issues
    • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Relationships: Support in improving communication
    • Advice on sharing your child’s life history
    • Referral to other agencies
  • Access to relevant training programmes
  • Help to access therapeutic services if appropriate

What happens when you request support?

After a child is referred, the following will take place:

  • A social worker will contact you to find out the needs of the child and the family
  • We will make an appointment to meet with you
  • The social worker will work with you to complete an assessment of need
  • If appropriate, a social worker will work with you on matters identified in your assessment of need through a support plan
  • This may include making an application for funding from the Adoption Support Fund
    • The Adoption Support Fund enables Local Authorities to apply for funding to access specialist therapies to support adopters and their families.
    • As of April 2017, the government has extended the funding provided by the Adoption Support Fund to also include support to special guardians who care for children who were previously looked after.

How can we get support?

To access support from the post special guardianship order service the first thing that is needed is a referral. This can come from special guardians, family members or a wide range of professionals.

To make a referral or to ask for advice call the RMBC Therapeutic team on 01709 822684 or email

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