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The Barstow Family

One of the most common worries parents have about becoming a fostering family is, what effect it will have on their own children. Scott, 42, and Toni, 39, Barstow began fostering 5 years ago when their youngest child was five years old. Since then they’ve cared for 14 children including a four-year-old girls and six-year-old boy who are currently living with them.

Here they tell us why they think fostering as a family is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Toni: Our children knew from day one that we were looking to foster. And they were so exited they thought once we had started the process a child would come to us straight away.

Scott: One of the main thoughts was how fostering would affect our family, how it would fit with our family and how it would affect our own children. We didn’t hold anything back it was pretty much everything that was going on, they knew about it. It was like we all went on this journey as a family. They really got involved.

Toni: We described fostering some mummies and daddies might be poorly or don’t look after their children right and so they need us to look after their children for them. They understood all that and were really good about it.

Toni: Chloe wants to be a teacher, Alex wants to adopt a child when he’s older and Sophie says she wants to be a social worker or a foster carer.

Scott: When I look at when we started our own family, every parent realises that having the first child is the biggest upheaval in your life and when the second one comes along it’s a bit more of an upheaval because you’re trying to juggle two children. But when your third child comes along it makes absolutely no difference, it was still just as busy and when we started fostering it didn’t ever get any busier than that.

Toni: I get quite a lot of people coming up to me asking about fostering and I just say “go for it, I think it’s fantastic.”

Scott: I think you’ve got to go for it and any doubts and questions in your mind will be answered. If it’s right for you and your family you will just know.

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