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Increased payments for Foster Carers

Published: Tuesday, 27th September 2016


Payments for being a foster carer are increasing.

Payments for foster carers are increasing following the responses from our recent consultation. It will bring payments in line with what neighbouring authorities are paying their foster carers.

This consultation considered elements such as:

  • The allowance
  • Skill levels payments
  • Mileage
  • Whether there were other areas of service provision that would better support foster carers.

Foster carers told us:

  • You wanted to retain the structure of the current scheme
  • You liked the skills level framework
  • You were frustrated that there had been no incremental increase in either fees or allowances since 2014.
  • You wanted a skills level payment that reflected a fair scale and one that had a higher starting level to attract new foster carers to Rotherham
  • You were very clear that money alone was not an incentive to foster
  • That level of support was important, especially in times of crisis.

We listened to the views and as a result the decision to increase the fees was agreed at the Cabinet and Commissioner Decision Making Meeting on Monday September 12.

Based on feedback, we have agreed to develop a scheme that incorporates the financial incentive and good quality support, training and development by:

  • Increasing the ‘Skills Level Payment’ at all three levels
  • Introducing a placement premium which will apply to foster carers taking ‘harder to place’ children
  • Providing a responsive range of wrap around support open to the foster carers and children in their care
  • Providing good quality training and development for fostering families
  • Providing a permanent support worker to give a quick response to fostering families in crisis as part of the team around the placement
  • Providing a dedicated fostering out of hours support comprising fostering social workers
  • New resource to help with recruitment of foster carers and to enhance the fostering journey through to approval
  • Dedicating a budget to commission foster carer training and development including membership to Fostering Network.

The table below gives a simple overview of what the payments have increased from and to:

Skill Level

What payment was

What is it now










Foster plus